Andrew is a born and bred southerner, a midwesterner by education, and a New Yorker until the MTA dies its inevitable death. He is an introverted Capricorn.  

Amrita has never met an earring or a body glitter she doesn't like. If she were a dessert she'd probably be mango sticky rice. She is an introverted Scorpio.




A podcast on living that freelance life.

On a mission to chart their own course, Amrita Vijayaraghavan and Andrew Stephens confront the realities of living a freelance life.  


Join these two for interviews and conversations about figuring it out as you go along.

We're back on our bullsh*t, bbs! We discuss how to avoid succumbing to the dreaded "cult of busyness", even when your to-do list resembles a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. But first, we break down Amrita's pilgrimage to the magical land of DOLLYWOOD. (And Andrew teaches a youth how to fax!)

Don't Think Twice is a Vijay and Stephens production

Andrew reviews Amrita's latest purchases with a jaundiced eye, our homes are completely falling apart, Andrew makes new friends in rural Minnesota/Canada, and we contemplate the existential dread of (A) "Friends" nostalgia, and (B) dating someone with your own name.