Andrew is a born and bred southerner, a midwesterner by education, and a New Yorker until the MTA dies its inevitable death. He is an introverted Capricorn.  

Amrita has never met an earring or a body glitter she doesn't like. If she were a dessert she'd probably be mango sticky rice. She is an introverted Scorpio.




A podcast on living that freelance life.

On a mission to chart their own course, Amrita Vijayaraghavan and Andrew Stephens confront the realities of living a freelance life.  


Join these two for interviews and conversations about figuring it out as you go along.

To be honest, sweeties, we bushwhack some thorny issues in our Feb '20 episode. We support and confront each other about seasonal depression, performance anxiety, improvisational skills, how to be present in a pitch meeting, and how to be better creative partners to one other. What are the roles we play -- to ourselves and to others? How can you tell if you've been "productive" when you no longer have a day job? And, what dirt does your Amazon search history reveal? Come hang! 

Don't Think Twice is a Vijay and Stephens production

What don't we cover in our January 2020 installment? Eclipses, pyramid schemes, questionable electoral tactics, fro-yo closets, "Real-ID" nightmares, and what to do when people hate you at work. It's all here.