A podcast on living that freelance life.




On a mission to chart their own course, Amrita Vijayaraghavan and Andrew Stephens confront the realities of living a freelance life.  Join these two for interviews and conversations about figuring it out as you go along.


We are officially 2020 pandemic nomads! In this heartfelt, tipsy, political dispatch from Detroit, we dive into rust-belt renewal, being full-time writers, future relationships, sex, the inevitable death of capitalism, and a dash of thicc thigh appreciation. The freelance life has never been freer and weirder. 

We took a midsummer writers retreat to the hills of North Carolina, where we made some big decisions about our writing careers, professional lives, contemplated big life changes, and a decision we never thought possible: taking a break from NYC. (quelle horror!). We take you through all of this, plus some bizarre odds and ends as we struggle to design a flag for our (hypothetical) vacation home, and let you in on a million dollar mailbox idea.

Don't Think Twice is a Vijay & Stephens production