A podcast on living that freelance life.




On a mission to chart their own course, Amrita Vijayaraghavan and Andrew Stephens confront the realities of living a freelance life.  Join these two for interviews and conversations about figuring it out as you go along.


Our June interview is a must-listen for anyone --especially New Yorkers-- eager for police reform. From a budget standpoint, what does it actually MEAN to #defundthepolice? What are they spending all that money on, anyway? Our darling friend and DC budget nerd Janani takes us through her detailed analysis of the NYPD budget and it is fascinating, y'all.


But first: we talk protests; we consider fleeing New York City (!); plus, all these fireworks inspire Andrew to take us down the country roads of his childhood memory.

Our May 2020 episode comes out in June, because it's quarantine and there are no rules (including calendars)! Things have gotten way awfuller in our city and world since we recorded this...but if you feel you'd like to spend a comforting hour chatting with friends, come sit with us. We grow increasingly intoxicated as we talk about: Amrita's choice to quit her job during a global pandemic, nihilism, foot peels, NPR, and flavored anesthesia. We get it if you're not feeling levity at this moment, though -- do what you need to do bbs; we'll always be here for you later.

Don't Think Twice is a Vijay & Stephens production