Well, summer's here, and we're doing a couple of mini-sodes to celebrate - first up, Vijay & Stephens (the company) turns ONE year old, we do a photo shoot, Andrew tries to change his mean resting face, Amrita tries rich-lady pilates, and we commit to full fashion makeovers.



Andrew is a born and bred southerner, a midwesterner by education, and a New Yorker until the MTA dies its inevitable death. He is an introverted Capricorn.  

Amrita has never met an earring or a body glitter she doesn't like. If she were a dessert she'd probably be mango sticky rice. She is an introverted Scorpio.




A podcast on living that freelance life.

On a mission to chart their own course, Amrita Vijayaraghavan and Andrew Stephens confront the realities of living a freelance life.  


Join these two for interviews and conversations about figuring it out as you go along.

As we bask/battle our late-spring schedules, Amrita makes a shocking mom-retail confession, Andrew dabbles with keeping his work email signoffs fresh, and we discuss syndicated radio queen Delilah, thrift stores, the pitfalls of living alone, and wtf is up with low-flow toilets.

Don't Think Twice is a Vijay and Stephens production